Patient Concerns

It is our aim to provide an environment where patients are encouraged to express their concerns regarding dental treatment and anxieties.
Whether you have had an experience you found distressing or would like clarification regarding costs, you are more than welcome to give us a call and discuss your worries.
It is important that our patients feel heard, understood and in control when they come to see us.
You are more than welcome to book an appointment for a consultation first before commencing any treatment.
Children with phobias or sensitivities are very welcome to drop by at any time for a tour of the surgery before booking in.
We welcome children from any age. We start with sitting on a parent's lap and going for a 'ride' on the chair. As they get older, we may be able to have a quick look a their teeth and progress each time, working up to a proper check and then a clean.
Heasley Dental offers modern equipment in a relaxing environment. Queen's Park offers a wonderful, green view.
If you need a distraction, we have ceiling mounted televisions with your favorite TV series or a relaxing nature documentary. Children find their visits much more fun with their favorite cartoon!

*We offer nitrous oxide and suitability will be determined by your treating dentist.